Well, we’re back and in fine style. After some serious behind ­the­ scenes drama involving health, cars, farming, and a mob of rather angry Pygmies, we’re back at the mic. Well, I am, ­ Ben sat this one out since this was sort of an “on location” deal. Summer is nearly complete. As I sit here vaping “Cake Pop” (which has lovely notes of coca and cream) and sipping a coke (a rarity, I’m a Pepsi guy, normally), I’m enjoying the memories of a fine weekend with my wife. There were movies on an outdoor big screen, a brand­ new 5 person tent (8X10 for those interested), and a blown budget of around 80 bucks on just food. Was it worth it? Oh, yeah. Totally.

This show has a different feel. It’s kind of an experiment – or beta test, as it were. I took the mobile gear out to Shelbyville, Indiana and covered Skyline Drive-­In Movie’s Monster Movie Fest. 3 days, several hundred people, and camping. Now, during the day, not much happens except socializing, and let me tell you, the Drive­-In movies is a great way to make new friends. Second only to camping. Which is cool, since we did both in one shot.

Over the course of the weekend, we were treated to some classic movies including “Evil Dead” and “Poltergeist”, two movies I could have never seen on a big screen since when they came out, I was still trying to locate my sippy cup, or, my favorite Tonka truck. There were some pure cheese on the screen as well including a film about Zombie Rednecks. Not kidding. Hey, speaking of which, where were Joel and the Bots?

Musn’t forget that Sammy Terry was there and I finally got to interview him. It was awesome!

Anyway we met some cool people. Many like Tori and myself. Including a guy named Veng who is the lead singer in a Punk band who’s name can only be mentioned over on MoM. And a couple that does all the festivals religiously. I can’t forget to mention George, a part feral cat who loved to be picked up and cuddled by anyone who would oblige. He was also pretty fond of the Drive­In food. Oh, don’t worry Animal purists, he’s 15 and in fine shape.

On the final full day, which was Saturday, I competed in a Pinball tournament and did horribly, and Sunday morning interviewed the owner about the Drive-­In movie industry and it’s recent comeback in the projection booth. So you can hear a lot of background noise. Normally, this kind of thing makes my OCD tilt, but not so much here. The Tascam DR­05 did a good job of focusing on us, and not the background racket. This near one hour interview has some cool stuff in it, and you’ll learn a lot. It’s one of the best interviews I’ve ever had because Joe was a natural on tape.

So get out your favorite vape, play some WoW (I’m doing that now with a Level 31 Warlock) and enjoy a look at an industry many forgot but I plan to remind them of. Yeah, Drive-­In Movies are still out there, and there’s likely one near you. ­Vince

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