This week my friends from the T.S.F.U. Youtube channel hop on the show to talk. We have lots of blarney, from how we met, to some of our favorite quotes from each other in videos, to our stances on music piracy. Rob mostly just laughs, and doesn’t give much to the conversations, but damnit! He’s my friend. So stop playing with our names, and listen in.

We all met on Counter Strike Global Offense in 2015. We all laughed and had a good game, and added each other. Rob had his infamous soundboard, which we extra funny. I played with Rob several more times, until I met the rest of the dudes. We play CS about every night of the week. We laugh until we almost piss ourselves. They are from Long Island, and we have never met face to face… Well… Does skype count? I started recording our gameplay in May of 2016, and loved editing all the funny shit together.

So I posted it up to the T.S.F.U. Youtube Channel, and never looked back. Sick as fuck dude.

We talk music piracy, which you guys should know my stance on. If not, we’ll go give this a listen. Tristan brings up some really good points. Underground Touring Bands, might need the extra cash so they can go on tour, or buy merch to sell. He then talks about how big artists should not mind being pirated, because with all the shit they already have. Endorsement, Platinum Records, Being in Commercials, Youtube Video views, ect. He brings up some good points I think you all should listen to.

We then talk some of our favorite releases this year, which was a solid year for music IMO. Tristan brings up Life of Pablo, and how it was good, and went platinum off of pirate bay. I bring up Magrudergrind’s II. Very good album. Rob’s not a music dude really, so he pussies out, as usual.

Well thanks for stopping by and sitting in the motherfucking dirt with us. Maybe you would get these jokes, if you watched our videos. Thanks again, and we’ll see you next week. Don’t worry. I’m sure this is not the last time Rob, and Tristan will stop by.

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