Welcome back to another legit episode of T.S.F.U. We hope you enjoy this one and the many more to come. We talk about The Eagles of Death Metal’s new HBO Special about the Paris attack at the La Bataclan, which follows the band’s view of things, as well as some of their history. Then we are gonna talk about a band Allegaeon who needs our help, as supporters of music. They just are not making enough to continue making any more albums. Sit back and grab a drink. Let’s fuck shit up.

Eagles of Death Metal have always been one of my favorite bands. I showed them to my Fiance when we first met, and she too loves them. We listened to them on every car ride to anywhere we went there for awhile. Once I heard of the Paris attacks, I was saddened to hear of it all, and sad to hear one of the attacks was at a Venue for music and art. It was not till, sadly I have to admit, I was pooping when I saw that it was E.O.D.M. and cut that last one off and ran into our bedroom telling my Fiance it was them. She was already horrified as to what was happening, and then that just added to it. We sent some good vibes, and turned Death By Sexy on.

Turns out HBO is doing a special on the attack which will air in Feb of 2017. It will follow the band before, during, and after the attack. I am curious to see what they did during. All I ever saw was a little Vice video on it, and then saw the photos of them revisiting the site and finishing the show, like total badass’. So look for that special sometime in February of 2017. It’s going to be directed by Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, which for some reason I thought said, Colin Hanks, and Tom Hanks’ Son, which makes no sense to me now, so sorry.

Allegaeon will be breaking up if we don’t support them. They are a good band from the few songs I’ve listened to. The harsh reality is, making music, especially non mainstream metal, makes you 0 cash. They set up a Patreon to help out with the debt they are in to the label. It all makes sense really. I am 100% for backing this, and you can find the page HERE. At the time of me writing this, they have about 192 patrons, with 2,363 Dollars coming in monthly. That’s a nice sum, but they could still need more no doubt. We need to help, and we should help. For what do bands make music for? You. Well not all bands, some just want your money.

Well thanks as always for kicking ass with me here. Keep doing you in the pit, and we’ll see ya next week!

Special thanks to You Know the Drill and COVE for having their new tracks on the show, as well as Lauren for Inception Press & Management for getting us these awesome tracks. Be sure to follow both Her and Inception on twitter.

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