Hey and welcome back to the show. Sorry we have been away so long. I have a lot of shit going on in my life that we will talk about today, on a personal level. Don’t worry. I’m still fucking angry, just not so much this time around. This one is more of a “Hey how you bastards doing? I’m fucking terrible.” We are gonna talk about my surgery that I had to have in September. It was a long brutal journey that kept me down for quite some time. Then we talk of course about all the wonderful people sending me emails with their music and how amazing these people are. So sit back, grab a drink, and let’s get to it!

I had a surgery on my asscrack… No shit. Ever heard of a Pilonidal Abscess, I didn’t till about a month ago. It like a cyst I guess that is formed from ass hairs. Totally fucking gross shit, dude. I noticed I was having trouble sitting one day at band practice, and that there was this pea sized bump on my ass crack near my back. The next day I notice it’s a bit bigger, and more painful so I get angry and decide I better go see a doctor. She tells me it’s small and shouldn’t get much bigger and gave me some pills and told me to go see this surgeon. That was on Thursday. Over the weekend this thing gets fucking angry and decides to get about the size of a golf ball. I am taking baths just to soothe the pain. I can sit or lay do without screaming. I finally make it to the surgeon’s office on Tuesday, and the P.A. tells me it’s gotta come out tomorrow or it’ll get infected and it’ll be terrible. I get the surgery and head home. Next thing I know, I am running a 104.5 temp, and my mother rushes my to the hospital. They tell me the infection has spread across my body and I could die from it if I didn’t get some heavy antibiotics in my system immediately. Over the next 5 days I’m stuck in the hospital tied to machines and have people poking me with needles every 4 hours or so. They change my packing once daily, which feels like they are pulling your veins out your ass… 0/10 wouldn’t recommend. I guess the only good thing about that place was the hot ass nurses who touched my butt daily. 😉 Finally get released and on my way to my parents, where I am bedridden, and can only lay there and watch movies, or play Xbox… I hate Xbox, PC Master Race all the way. I get to head home after 3 weeks at my Parent’s, and get to at least walk around my own house. It’s about a month and a half since the surgery and I still have a wound on my ass. If you want something to make you and angry fuck. Have open wound care. 10/10 would recommend for getting pissed as shit. Thankfully I am in pretty good shape now though. Thanks everyone who read all this garbage. Love you.

Now we received some amazing music over the last month we were gone, and I wanna give a big shoutout to By Starlight, and Slammerkin for sending in their music, and to the others as well. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about you. I just like to give one or two band a spotlight each week so the names stick in your head.

Keep doing you, okay guys. The world would be a terrible place without music, and without you. Never forget that. I love you all, and would do anything I could for you. Keep sending me those sweet, sweet tunes. Thanks for listening, we’ll see you next week!

Slammerkin’s Soundcloud
Slammerkin’s Twitter

By Starlight’s Soundcloud
By Starlight’s Twitter

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