So I’ve been talking about a great new surprise for you guys on my social medias the last week or two. It’s been a hell of a few weeks. We took 2 off for vacation and the rest of the time I have been working non stop on this show. So with out further shit getting in the way. Let’s get into it.

Mya Grimm… My new partner in Underground nonsense. Get used to her dorky voice, she’ll be sticking around for quite a bit. She has been a HUGE help to me on the show. What’s to know about her? Well… She’s funny, smart, and quite cute. I mean look at the porta potty selfie down below. Nothing says class and sexy ass than a porta potty selfie. #fire She’s creative as hell and has her heart in the right place. Just try to keep that boner in those pants boys… And odd girls.

First to start off Mya and I swap some show stories. She talks about the time she went to a show that was so boring, that the only interesting thing that happened was that 3 of her friends helped her crowd surf. If that’s the only thing cool that happened… Well what a shit show… Literally. I tell her about the first show I ever played at the same place she was talking about, and how it was equally shitty. Everyone hated us because we were not Metalcore and gay as fuck.

I also give Mya a great interview in this episode as well. Gotta make sure she makes the cut. REALLY HIGH BARS HERE ON TSFU! You better really get into this one.

So that’s tonight’s episode. I really hope you enjoyed it, and enjoyed Mya’s voice. We will see you next week!

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