I think joining the AM Podcast takes as much information as possible to see if you want to really be a part of our Network. It never hurts to be overly informed when making decisions like this, so to be fair, this is the page to learn about leaving the Network. If you are on the fence about reaching out to become a member then I hope this will help push you over the top to submit a request.

You may be with us for a short time or a long time. Either way, being part of the Network can bring a lot of advantages that a solo podcast couldn’t achieve on it’s own or at least as quickly. If you make the decision to leave the Network then we will help you make the transition. Here are the things we will do for you to ensure a successful process:

  • Remove your content from the site, SoundCloud, and social media profiles.
  • Allowing you to take commissioned remastered audio files and artwork with you. This is done through written/typed agreement as we continue to hold copyright as the creator of artwork. You do not get this if you are asked to leave or have not fulfilled your end of the expectation which is 30 episodes.
  • Work with you on any other transition areas.

This page exists because people will want to know how to exit. It also exists as a reminder that you can be voted off the island. The effort that goes into each show is enormous from the time we talk, bring a show on board, get social rolling, and branding you. The expectation to leave on a positive note is the norm. The likelihood of being asked to leave should truly be the exception.