Please note that I am not accepting any new shows. We are currently doing some house cleaning and coding a completely new experience. We are custom building the features we want for 2017 and will focus on writing and helping other shows grow their audience. For now, if you want to grow with us please register in the community and put your show in the directory. We will be using that information in the next update of the network.

You may fill out the form below anyways, but you may not get a response as I need to work on the new version of AMPN.


Thank you for considering the AM Podcast Network as a home for your show! Our goal is to find the very best unknown shows and make them part of our family. We do a lot for the shows you see and hear on the AMPN. We do everything from promote, artwork, editing, and work together to grow your show and the network together. This can be the very best opportunity to be a part of something very special.

This isn’t just an opportunity to drop off your latest treats for our ears and BAM! your on another site. In 2015, I decided to do something different. I am doubling down my efforts and dressing this website to the 9’s. Here is what I am doing for each podcast show I select:

  • Artwork: Each show is getting a logo make-over, social media artwork, and any other artwork needed. All artwork will have the AM Podcast Network logo included.
  • Branding: I am going to teach you how to brand your podcast show as a professional and work with you to get your show to the next level. The AMPN is going to promote your brand like a madman as well.
  • Marketing: I love marketing and when it comes to podcast, I do this really well. I am going to assist you in getting your story and messaging correct and reach people the right way on social, SEO, posts, and much more. On this network you are a publisher, not a podcaster.
  • Audio Remastering: I take all of your episodes regardless of how many and have them remastered by my engineer to be re-released through our re-introduction method. We launch shows from the beginning again to get my ears all over your brand.
  • Promotion: You are going to get promoted through all of the AMPN social profiles, in the community, and through the search engines. We will work together to get your show all the promotion it can get.
  • Cross-promotion: As we bring on new shows you will get to have private discussions with each other and exchange ideas, tactics, and support through our private community. You will have insider access to these shows that no one else will have.
  • All-In Team: I bust my ass doing all of these things for each show. This network is rising and I want to make sure I bring everything I have to the table for each podcast show that is selected.

The biggest take-aways from the list above is that it’s not optional, but it is free. Even if you are happy with your logo or your look, I make sure each show has the correct image for the network. When you fill in the form below you are committing to that list. Now what is optional is the following:

  • Hosting: I will host your audio on Soundcloud (not optional), and on my server (optional).
  • Blogging: Some shows like to write beyond just for episodes. I can give you a spot in our articles section or on your own WordPress site hosted on the AMPN servers. I don’t buy your domains though or manage that content.
  • Rebuild Website: I love doing web development and I am more than happy to get your podcast show’s website looking solid. It’s an important aspect. I don’t do Squarespace, Wix, or anything like that.
  • Workflow Advice: I am happy to do an audit on your equipment or work with you to improve your production process so we can all win with higher quality publishing.

You can opt out of those 4 points above and I won’t get all up in that business. I will make sure that you are putting your image out there correctly. It would be cool if those things happened, but it’s your content and I don’t own it.

Before we get all excited about the possibility of working together, let’s fill out the form below. I have created this to get down to business upfront so the guess-work can be removed. Please allow at least 72 hours for us to check out your show and read through your submission. If it’s been longer than that, please use the contact form to poke at us.

Join the AM Podcast Network

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Thank you for filling out the form. Please note that the form is the first step in the process. We will have a voice-to-voice interview after I have reviewed your show and deemed it a good fit. I don’t like to waster your time or mine so I will absolutely upfront. I respond to 100% of all submissions good or bad.