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Website We Broke Ground on a New Road

Discussion in 'Network Announcements' started by Adam, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Adam

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    It's been a quiet 2016, at least after Jan. A lot of shows went their separate ways because our relationship wasn't working out, they wanted to do something else, weren't really into podcasting...etc. That is behind and we have been pushing through with Vince, Daniel, Luke, and the Coaches Office. They have been solid and keep the wheel steady.

    Admittedly I wanted to close up the network and move forward. A few shows wanted to join over the last 6 months but I couldn't take on any. I have spent Jan-July writing the roadmap, designing the site, and automating processes. All of that led up to today where we broke ground on the new site.

    No Wordpress or any other CMS (Content Management System). The website will be coded from scratch to extend and integrate with everything I want. I decided to work with a framework that will provide speed, agility, and the look that anyone would want to use. The site has to integrate well with lots of storage, images, content and more. My goal is to run a beta in a couple months where Network sponsored shows will have the entire time using it and providing feedback so we can make it better.

    This is going to give way to hosting, RSS generation, directory submission, sharing and embedding, and the pieces I have been wanting for a long time. Their will be a tiered subscription for those that are just looking for a host, and others that want todo more. The goal is to build a stronger Network and give the same podcast shows that I have been after a chance. The limiting factor has always been me. I had to manually upload, link, copy and paste and schedule each episode. Many of you know this process and it's very rough to do day in and day out.

    What can be expected? Full front-end editing with layouts that shine and content that listeners can share and embed. Commenting and engagement with shows will become very streamlined as well as the capability to do more with your page.

    I am not showing all of my cards at the moment but I have 2 Sr Devs, and 1 Sr Front-end pro's working their magic alongside me. We are pushing nightlies to our server and I would like to see this Beta pushed out before the fall. I am not going to rush it just to meet a deadline. When I feel that it is ready to be publicly tested I will make the switch. I hope you will be just as excited as I am!

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