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Update For June & Site Upgrades

Discussion in 'Network Announcements' started by Adam, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Adam

    Building an Empire Admin Global Mod

    Jan 16, 2014
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    I have been silent for the last month and apologies for it. I had been trying to hire an engineer to come in and build an enterprise-level podcast hosting site. We agreed and high-fived then silence. Not another peep from him. So I emailed and Skyped him to tell him I am looking for someone else. So be it. I have begun the search again.

    I posted the job in Russia, Romania, Philippines and on freelancer.com. I have 2 Filipinos that have submitted their resume. One that I passed on initially and a new one that I am highly interested in. I am awaiting a response from him. Crossing my fingers...

    Here are the requirements so far. I still need to review and add other features that I may have forgot to put on the list. If you think there should be something added to this list then please let me know.

    Audio Hosting Project v1 Beta

    My goal is to create a user-based media hosting service. I want subscribers to be able to upload audio, blog posts, and share them or embed them easily anywhere on the net. WordPress isn’t doing what I need it to do so I want to build something better.

    This will be desktop based only with responsive design. iOS/Android apps will be in the next stage of the build. The website should have normal break points like bootstrap or foundation uses. Desktop, Tablet, and Phone.

    This will be in English only for the beta, but I want the ability to expand using other languages in future additions.

    Front-End Requirements

    User Segment

    - Free account and tiered subscription based process with Paypal & Stripe integration
    - 1 free account, and 3 paid tiers (need to beta test to get the right numbers)
    - Sign-in/Register with Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn
    - Create a signup process that also allows vanity URL’s
    - User account management with multiple fields
    - Allow “Bring Your Own Domain”, Like Tumblr: you can use your own domain
    - Build permissions and upgrade features
    - Build author/bio box for bottom of content

    Content Management

    - Build a blog like interface. (Free & Paid)
    - Schedule content, show a site-wide calendar of episode releases (Paid)
    - Create a way to easily upload audio files (mp3 only). (Free & Paid)
    - Integrate audio & image uploads with Amazon S3 (Free & Paid)
    - Share and embed like SoundCloud allows (Free & Paid)
    - Generate an iTunes compatible RSS feed (Free & Paid)
    - Allow comments on posts, also on wave form like SoundCloud
    - Social share counts on individual posts (Free & Paid)
    - User controlled sidebar, insert links, content, ads (Paid Tier)
    - Denote audio with ads, or no ads (Paid Tier)
    - Create playlists & show in user profile (Paid Tier)
    - Host multiple audio shows (Paid Tier)
    - Include a copyright box like YouTube
    - Include a license type like YouTube
    - Mark points for audio to include a table of content for long shows

    Newsletter/Email List (v2)

    - Collect emails
    - Build email lists
    - Integrate with Sendy
    - Send email using Amazon SES
    - Automated SES/SNS setup
    - Use Sendy reports


    - Have stats generated from Amazon log files/GA or Piwiks
    - Show location, how many downloads, how many minutes listened (streamed)
    - Export stats function
    - Set options that allow users to get detailed info of their content
    - Create a simple export report to show advertisers (downloads, hits, audience, shares…etc)


    - Show new episodes and shows from each tier.
    - Clean look and updates using an algorithm.
    - Easy navigation
    - A light and simple layout focused on the content.

    Store (v2)

    - Integrate with Paypal & Stripe
    - Similar to Woo commerce

    Map (v2)

    - Show a global map to show activity.
    - Show where listeners/visitors are.
    - Show where visitors are and what they are streaming or downloading.

    Other Pages

    - Privacy Policy
    - Terms of Service
    - About
    - Contact (Reason, General, Technical, etc…)

    Community (v2)

    - Single Sign On
    - Use Xenforo or another community software

    Backend Requirements

    - Manage Users
    - Edit posts
    - Report abuse, flag content…etc, system
    - Manage comments
    - Manage subscriptions
    - Export data: site activity, members, downloads, and everything possible
    - Manage/Automate site logo: Change logo by date like Google doodle’s
    - Sidebar creation to show on free-tier posts
    - Highlight sponsored podcast (AMPN sponsored)


    I am looking to create this using ReactRedux, Angular 2, and other fast technologies. I want the code to be light and include SEO features like meta data. Specifically Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress is a shining example of SEO features.

    Caching is important wherever possible and I currently use Cloudflare & SSL and would like to continue doing so. Being able to collect anonymous data and use it later to develop the site better is also important.
    ****************************************************************End Job

    So you can see that I am trying to do a lot here. I ask that you keep this information here. Obviously this is something that might stir the podcasting world a bit and I don't want to put anything out until I know it's ready. All network featured podcasts will be free hosting and everything we do now. Other podcasts will either use the free tier or subscriptions.

    This will be interesting to say the least. Give me time to find the right person, the right path forward, and I think we will have something very unique. I will more than likely drop the directory and this community. I will replace the community with a different style that will allow me to build out versions specifically for language-based discussions. I.E. English, Spanish, etc...

    I am open to any ideas you would like to include. There is a lot of change coming but it will give me an opportunity to drive traffic and dollars without putting ads on the site. I am excited for the future of the AMPN.

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