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Traffic Reporting on Pause

Discussion in 'Traffic Reports' started by Adam, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Adam

    Building an Empire Admin Global Mod

    Jan 16, 2014
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    Till further notice I am not going to report AMPN traffic. This isn't because I have secrets to hide or anything nefarious. Currently there is a LOT of Google Analytics SPAM going on and statistics are not being recorded correctly. This isn't just happening to ours but rather it's all over the place. A ton or websites are reporting this. I only want to report correct statistics so I would rather find a solution going forward before adding July's and beyond. I should note that I reviewed previous months and did not find this to be an issue. It only recently (July 2015) started.

    I hope Google can fix this, but they haven't done anything since this stuff has been appearing over the last year or so. If you have questions just let me know. I will be looking to see if I can filter these and block the domains, but that in itself can be challenging.

    I doubt anyone would be disappointed. We still don't have a huge audience where this would be that significant.

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