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Website The April Update of the Network

Discussion in 'Network Announcements' started by Adam, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Adam

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    I am just making this the whole April update even though there is like 2 weeks left. Things are well. After the huge fallout at the beginning of the year I feel free and things are better. We have been on time and doing good things. So what's new? A lot I guess so I am going to go by bullet list to lay it out.
    • Company, Bank Accounts, and IRS is done. AMPN is part of Adding Social, LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    • The store is not finished. I need to finish the store on my site first to do this one correctly. They are similar so I can maximize sales.
    • Site makeover Phase 1 is complete. New colors, logo, social branding has been finished and it's really refreshing. The new colors are really bringing life out of this.
    • Site Phase 2 will begin in June probably which will turn our static directory into a playable directory that can be downloaded, shared, and listened to on the site.
    • Phase 3 will begin between Oct-December depending how funding and life works out. This is podcast hosting w/stats that I want to build with a new team in the Philippines.
    • We currently have 3 shows, 2 preparing for launch, and 1 I am starting to engage with.
    • Podcasting is the name, but I want to focus more on publishing. That's blogs, images, audio, and video. I want people to come to this site for more content and more incentives. This was the major hurdle of 2015. All the shows were getting traffic and there was none here so I need to really focus on this area which will more than likely spawn an app for mobile as well.
    • Merch will start flowing this year. I need to figure out I am going to make this happen still but I will start with the AMPN shirts before anything else.
    • I will be traveling in the states sometime between May-June so there will be some downtime in that area. I will be doing the minimum to keep things rolling.
    • I want to try a few things this year like offering prizes to shows and listeners. I think offering new mics or equipment could be a worthy prize. More to follow on that.
    • YouTube needs love I know, but videos take time and my apartment sucks to record in. When I get to the Philippines and I have an actual office I will churn out content.
    • Traffic has been good, but the bounce rate is high. This is probably due to all the posts that were trashed as shows left the network. At least I am honest about it :)
    Okay I think that's about it at the moment. We are healing and moving forward and to be absolutely honest, it may be something I do every year because it really made a huge difference. Maybe at the end of December I take all the stats, shows growth, their contributions, how often they were on-time delivering episodes, and the quality of their show and in January just release shows that didn't have the right stuff. Some shows might be removed because of the future plans as well.

    I want to make sure that I have strong relationships with the shows and that we are working together. I felt in many cases that the shows were all about them and not about us. That drove a lot of the 1st real shake-up. Anyways, it's not meant to scare anyone. It's just one of those things that should be talked about. It's about progress and making something great together.

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