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Podcast In The Closet Hour - No Disco Magic (Episode 7)

Discussion in 'Newest Podcast Episodes' started by Scott, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Scott


    Sep 11, 2015
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    Episode 7 has arrived; To Steph's dismay its without disco magic. Scott tries to spook her as we find out she frightens herself much more easily then Steph's Uber Updates returns with a crazy rider story. Scott makes a stand for human nature in a zany PITCH a Fit and Steph kisses her cousin as the duo steps into the booth of truth for their Weekly Confessional. A canine drunken car crash and a sandwich shop strip and trip make headlines in news that makes you go WTF then they close out the show pleaing to check out streaming TV and ride sharing in the Last Minute PITCH. Despite the lack of magic in the closet, there are plenty of laughs and moments of craziness that only these two can bring!

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