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Forum New Usergroups

Discussion in 'Network Announcements' started by Adam, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Adam

    Building an Empire Admin Global Mod

    Jan 16, 2014
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    I am re-evaluating how the community helps podcasters and those that love to listen to shows. This has always been about making the best community that I could. I want to be the best place online for everyone to spend their time on. Well, today I took time to make a lot of changes on the back end of things along with a few developers working on the new website.

    These are the usergroups that have different permission sets:
    • Admin: This is just me for now.
    • Author: This group are for those that write articles here.
    • Banned: These people are no longer welcome here.
    • Contributor: This group are for casual content writers.
    • Editor: This group are authors that are promoted to editor and oversee authors.
    • Featured Show: This group are for the people/shows that are on the AMPN.
    • Forum Mod: This group is for those that moderate a specific forum.
    • Global Mod: This is reserved for a few people that moderate the entire community.
    • Guest: Not logged in or registered. Very limited.
    • Member: This is the member group. They are just members. No banner.
    • Reviewer: A very special group that reviews other shows and shares their thoughts.
    • Verified: This group are for those members that contribute a lot in the community.
    • Verified Show: Reserved for shows that have gone the distance and contribute here.
    That's it. It will take me a few days to get through the permissions, but it's in the right direction. I have worked 10 hours today on the theme, user groups, profiles, and more. There is a lot coming to the community and I am very excited about the future.

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