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New Interesting Music Software For Content Creators

Discussion in 'Gear Talk' started by CreateMusic, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. CreateMusic

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    Oct 28, 2019
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    To all creators, video editors and creative minds!

    We kindly ask for your attention to introduce you to our new web service, which can represent a truly great improvement in your daily video and music editing workflow.
    We are thrilled to introduce CreateMusic to you. Our web-based software enables you to create a truly individual and fully-adaptive soundtrack for your video with just a few clicks. And when we say adaptive, we mean really adaptive. It’s all happening in your web browser, so here’s what you can do:

    Freely choose any track length

    You’re not bound to 20s, 30s or any other cut-down length. You can simply drag a region to your desired length and Create Music instantly rearranges the track. And we’re talking about real music by real composers (WAV files not MIDI). Our constantly-growing catalog currently features over 3.500 customizable tracks.

    Freely choose your instrument mix

    You’re not limited to pre-defined mixes. We integrated multiple mix setups for each track (like “background” or “drums only”) that you can choose from. But the best thing is that you can just shape the music to your very specific needs as CreateMusic lets you customize each set of instruments individually. You can at any time mix each of the up to 9 layers of a track to your desire. Remove for instance drums, vocals, and bass to create a nice background for a voice over. Of course, you can automate your mix changes and save your project to work on it later.

    Choose from multiple variations of a track

    At Create Music, a track is not just a track. Each one comes with multiple variations, sometimes so different in style that you could think it’s a completely different track. Together with the custom mix and custom length options, your possibilities are almost endless to style the track to perfectly fit to your video and make it unique.

    Import your reference video

    Import a video for reference and simply drag the song to the length of your clip. When you do so the clip is NOT being uploaded to any server, instead it is loaded into the browser from your hard drive.

    Automate the track volume

    When you already have a voice over or sound effects in your video, you can simply duck the complete mix with volume automation.

    Import multiple tracks

    You’re not bound to a single track per project. You can at any time import multiple tracks to the time line and mix, change and crop them to your desire.
    With all these features you can easily emphasize the highlights of your video the way it deserves.

    Get a 30 days free trial now and see how CreateMusic can speed up your workflow.


    Feel fry to try it out. As a side note: we’re currently in BETA mode and we’re adding new features constantly, so please bear with us if something sometimes doesn’t work as expected

    Feel free to give us a try and thanks for your time.

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