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Is Soundcloud Still Worth The Effort & Money?

Discussion in 'General Podcast Discussion' started by Adam, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Adam

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    A post in the facebook group going over the review on the cost of Soundcloud made me think about the platform 5 years after I first started podcasting on it. I stopped the pro plan a year ago and frankly not a lot has happened in that time so there wasn't a reason really to have it. There are several reasons:
    • We stopped a lot of the shows and had nothing to upload.
    • The cost was much more than self-hosting the files on Amazon S3 (low downloads).
    • It fractured our numbers to easily calculate downloads.
    • Financial stability of Soundcloud was in question.
    • It was on a third-party site that I didn't control.
    • It's very hard to get seen.
    Those are the negatives, but Soundcloud has a lot of positives and I still recommend it for those that are starting out or just have 1 show to track. I still use it daily so I am no hater. It just didn't make sense from a network of shows. Here are the things that I believe make Soundcloud pretty badass or at least worth the time & money.
    • Cheap hosting!
    • You get stats if you go premium.
    • The embedding your audio to other websites and social (especially Twitter) is amazing.
    • The social aspect of the site really is awesome.
    • They give you an RSS feed.
    Now, this is not to say that Using Amazon S3 is any better especially since you would have to pay another website to do your stats for you. Together this would be more expensive than Soundcloud. So if you are new or small please take a good look at Soundcloud and other options as well. I am currently working on a solution for the network that can cost less than both those options. I think Soundcloud is still viable and useful.

    Some might say that Squarespace or something like them is perfect for that too. I don't believe this. Making your own website is a whole nother story. We have more solutions than ever before so shop wisely and have goals set. Let me know if you disagree or think there are better options and why. It's a good discussion to have at this point.

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