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Website I Finally Setup the LLC

Discussion in 'Network Announcements' started by Adam, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Adam

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    I wanted to announce that I finally created the LLC in Colorado on Friday and I am excited. It's a step that took a few years for me to make and also several reasons for me to do so. I am the official owner (100%) of Adding Social, LLC in Colorado. I am shopping around for the office space so I can get the address out there and really feel like I am doing bigger things.

    This was the name I came up with in 2012 when a friend of mine got together and we tried to figure out what our next steps were going to be. Since then we haven't worked much together because of personal issues on his side. I eventually started doing more things on the side and left the project with him a couple years ago.

    He changed businesses and directions and I kept going without a business. Everything comes out of my own pay and I wanted to do this before so I could at least write my expenses off. I asked him finally last week if he would mind transferring the domains backs to me and let me take the name back. He said yes and I immediately jump on it. Adding Social is one of my brainstorms gone right.

    My only goal is to have the investments I have been making be marked as businesses expenses and get a business bank account and separate my personal accounts. So while it might not be a huge deal, I finally get some relief. With setting up the stores on here and my personal blog I need a Paypal business account along with other checkout options. This helps me get those and truly be legit.

    Anyways, this doesn't affect specifically this site, but my others as well. There shouldn't be any difference in my presence or anything else. I just figured I would share this with the membership at large.

    If you are looking for somewhere to setup a LLC, Colorado was the cheapest and they do everything online. I checked all 50 states. For the registered agent, filing, and all the paperwork you need cost $275. Yearly it's just $125 that I have to pay for the registered agent. Next is finding a mail forwarding business that will cost about $200/yr. That gives me an address for mail so I can continue traveling the world.

    There are more costs than that, but for now it's legit!

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