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From The Sidelines Podcast

Discussion in 'Newest Podcast Show' started by From The Sidelines, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. From The Sidelines

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    Apr 19, 2019
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    Description of the Show: We are four sports fanatics doing what we love. Our main topics include basketball, football, and baseball of all levels of play. We create podcasts every week discussing all things sports, our favorite plays, or any topics of interest. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @theftspod or email us at theftspod@gmail.com! ⚾️

    Show Title: From The Sidelines
    Location: Lexington, KY
    Category: Sports
    Frequency: Twice a week
    Hosts Name(s): Noah, Chad, Devin, and Josh
    Explicit: No
    Language: English
    Link to Episode: From The Sidelines Podcast • A podcast on Anchor
    Link to iTunes:‎From The Sidelines Podcast on Apple Podcasts
    Website Link: From The Sidelines Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

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