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Episode 19: Monster Reboots And Ecto Cooler

Discussion in 'Newest Podcast Episodes' started by Daniel and Jason, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Daniel and Jason

    New Member

    Jul 20, 2016
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    Atlanta, Ga
    Description: On this episode we dive into the new Universal Monster movie reboots that are coming our way whether we like it or not. We also talk about the Ecto Cooler coming back for a limited time and also did a live taste test on our Facebook page. And i might have offended really REALLY short people. ENJOY NERDS!!!

    Show Title: They Came From the 80's Podcast
    Episode Number & Title: Episode 19 - Monster Reboots and Ecto Cooler
    Location: Atlanta, Ga
    Category: Comedy
    Hosts Name(s): Daniel Walter and Jason Cantrell
    Explicit: Yes
    Language: English
    Link to Episode:
    View: https://soundcloud.com/theycamefromthe80spodcast/ep-19-monster-reboots-and-ecto-cooler

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