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A Year To Review For 2016

Discussion in 'Network Announcements' started by Adam, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Adam

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a good year. We have done a lot this year and I didn't expect to publish as much content as we did in 2015. That's just fine. I knew it was going to be a slower year after saying good bye to 11 shows last December. Some of you I talk to on occasion and I know you have been super busy.

    I normally do this in December, but I felt like adding this now and working through the thought process to go into 2017. I didn't do a whole lot of marketing this year because we didn't really have a lot of content to justify it. Perhaps that is partly why content has been slower. We are about 60% done with the new site which is open for all to view at AMPN.co. Feedback of course is always welcome. We are working on many aspects at the moment and in all AMPN 2.0 will be a $2,000 initial investment. That piece has been paid already so it's coming one way or the other.

    One of the staples of this network is content. Without out it we have nothing. Anyone can list an RSS feed and move on. I have always wanted to build an online media company. Media can be defined in many ways, but the AMPN way is audio and typed material. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have video as well. Content has always suffered and seems to be a reoccurring issue with shows. Of course, not everyone has this issue. Daniel is awesome at going beyond the audio and writes some great compliment to his content.

    Other shows barely make 200 words for the audio. Each time I look at it I question if there is a point to posting the episode. After all, Google can't index topics in the mp3 file. The typed content serves 2 purposes and the most important is giving the listener even more content that they want to read. Not a transcript. Transcripts are fine, but not for a blog post here. Transcripts can be a doc file for download. We want listeners to want even more. Sites like Stitcher are the opposite. You can post your RSS and move along. The majority of podcasters do not want to go beyond the audio. It's a lot of work and it's why some do better than others.

    The second reason is indexing in the search engines. They can index the title but that's it. Without some kind of contextual-based content you have nothing as far as spiders are concerned. So when you submit little to no content it basically goes into my "we'll just wait" bucket. What gets published here is important to me.

    The AMPN 2.0 is more like Stitcher I guess. Text doesn't have to exist with audio in the new setup. You can just simply add your audio and that's it. The RSS feed generates and it's all set along with stats and eventually an email list. You will get about the same SEO value from it as you would on Soundcloud. That is basically none but the good thing is I don't have to really care how a show posts. Shows that choose to only add their audio and a couple sentences for content will be able to purchase a hosting subscription. AMPN will simply host your content anyway you wish and you simply just buy the subscription. This makes my thoughts and requirements irrelevant and the monthly payment covers a editor-free existence.

    The new site will allow media hosting for those who want less hassle. It will also have featured shows like we have now, and a small free account. There will be a couple shows that will be featured and move forward as we do now, but you will have more control over your content. The process is all front-end and automated. It's pretty cool because I don't have to be the middle man for actions that can be automated. It will all be on you to upload. I am excited for this automation because it frees me up to market shows.

    Anyways, back on track. The point of the year in review is to pause and think about the shows we have and if they will continue. In about half the cases I think the answer is no. In my head, I have already decided which shows will not continue into 2017 as part of the network. Things could always change, but I have been doing this for a while now and I see the signs. You know if you are going to be here too. It's okay. Life happens and sometimes you need to pause and reflect.

    I am writing this because the reality is that most shows simply fade away. I want to keep the bridges from burning as well. I like everyone that I have met and worked with up to this point and hopefully beyond. I want you to ask the hard question of "Am I passionate or have I lost interest?" as well as "Can I meet the AMPN's goal of content generation?". No one likes to walk away, but the signs are there. I see the signs of late episodes, audio uploaded but no content, lack of reading the forum, or just no time to engage with others. I love you all, but it's time to review where we are and if we need to be together.

    Lastly, I know that out of all the shows, only 1 person will read this and the rest will be surprised when I deliver them the news. Same thing as last year. No one comes here except for Luke and Daniel as far as I can tell. Maybe 2 people will read this. Anyways, thanks if you did read this.

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