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Forum 4th Quarter Community Changes

Discussion in 'Network Announcements' started by Adam, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Adam

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    While the main podcast network is being developed, I figured I would give everyone an idea of what I plan to do going into the 4th quarter. This year I have had probably a thousand development hours on this community software by developing another community of mine. I am going to be adding a lot more to the community in terms of structure, sections, and easier search and sorting.

    If there are things that you might like to see please let me know. I have disable the directory and media section already which changes the scope of the community by a lot. I think we are better without them and I don't have to worry about more website than I alone can handle. The main changes will be:
    • User groups
    • Flair (like Reddit)
    • New permissions
    • Prefixes for titles
    • A premium membership with added features.
    • New themes to choose from
    • and other fixes and additions.
    The number one goal is to have a place that isn't social media that podcast creators and listeners can come together.

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