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Who Can Write Articles?

Anyone can write articles with a few exceptions. The articles are there to be long form content that I think brings value to the community at large. They are not press releases or a blog with affiliate links. With that being said, if you have an article that you want to write then start a conversation with me and let me have a look.

All articles are moderated and edited before being published. There are areas of podcasting that I don't support and wouldn't allow a platform to. If you have great content that you think could be a benefit to the community then contact me. If you want to write about your hosting, coaching program, or anything of that nature then I respectfully ask that you write it on Medium or another platform.

Anyone who writes and gets 3 articles published will be assigned the contributor banner. There are 3 banners: contributor, author, and editor.
Podcast Articles
Jul 16, 2016
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