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What is the AM Podcast Network?

The AM Podcast Network is a website that hosts shows from all categories in a censor-free environment. It also welcomes all other networks, shows, and podcasters in our community to discuss any and all things podcast. This is the About page from the beginning that will be torn down shortly with the replaced website.

My name is Adam Mulholland, the creator of the AM Podcast Network. It’s awesome to be able to develop a platform like this. My primary goal for building a network instead of another personal blog is because I want podcasters that want the freedom to podcast without censorship. Most of the time you have to go it alone if you want to say what you really want to say. Not here. We want real opinions, real humor, real podcasts done by the realest of people.

My friends and I have created several podcasts in the past and building the AM Podcast Network will give us an opportunity to bring in podcasts that are like ours and help each other build a presence. This is a platform that we promote each other, build off from one another and do something bigger as a whole instead of working night and day by ourselves.

My favorite part of building the Network is that it is mine. Google, Blogger, WordPress, Yahoo, or anyone else can’t take it away from me because of something I have said. It’s mine and anyone who podcasts from this Network can feel the same. I don’t believe in any kind of censorship, but I believe in great entertainment. When you listen to a podcast here, I hope you enjoy it and want to tell someone else about it. This should be a solid place to come and flip through our podcasts and find that one that fits you the best. Maybe you hate what I do, but you love what the next person is bringing to the Network. I am cool with that, I just want you to get the most out of this!

So the goal of the Network is:
  • No censorship, but let’s not confuse that with hate.
  • Promote awesome podcasts and people.
  • Leverage the Network to promote.
  • Work together and develop better entertainment.
  • Make our podcasters famous!
I am sure things will change and I redefine this about page as the Network matures, but this is what I want it to be. I don’t want podcasts that are sell-out, PC, 1-hour specials. I want the ones that are interesting, have you wanting more and develop you as a fan. That’s badass and I know this can happen with the right people.
Jul 16, 2016
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