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How can I join the network?

You can go to the join now link and fill out the information starting around October 1, 2016. No shows will be considered until the beta version of the network is rolled out for public testing.

Once the testing starts I will begin offering spots in small groups. Simply filling everything out does not guarantee any acceptance into the network. I (Adam) am looking for shows that I think have a unique take, could build a decent base, and something I want to invest my time and money into.

Joining the network allows you to carry the AM Podcast Network brand on your artwork and in conversations such as press passes. You also get everything free from design work to hosting. My goal is to find 100 of the very best shows and go from there.

If you don't get accepted into the network, you will be able to use the hosting services that will also be given minor exposure in social and the community.
Joining the Network
Jul 31, 2016
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