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You Should Not Upload A Podcast To Youtube

By Adam, Feb 10, 2015 | Updated: Oct 24, 2015 | | |
  1. Adam
    03 You Should Not Upload a Podcast to Youtube-02.png A common question I find in podcast communities and groups is,"Should I upload my podcast to YouTube and just add an image"? The TL;dr on this is a resounding NO. No you should not, ever.

    I say this for a few reasons, but the biggest reason is by doing this, you are not speaking the YouTube language by adding audio only. The platform was created for, and is for video. This does not include slideshows, or podcasts. I know many people do it anyways, and it is the biggest reason they continue to have 5 subscribers after 5 years. No one wants to do anything else except watch video on YouTube. It would be the same if I went to Soundcloud and I was upset that it had no video.

    Even though you can actually upload your podcast to YouTube, you shouldn't. The first reason is that the native language for YouTube is video. The second reason is you are creating and building a brand.

    Speak The Native Tongue
    Let's look at platform language first. Each site, whether it's facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, or whatever you pick, has it's own language. It was created for a unique reason. It has certain features that draw end-users to it. By using that platform incorrectly, you distant your potential followers. No one goes to twitter for memes, that's what facebook is for. Tumblr is for Gifs. LinkedIn is for professionals swapping content and getting employment. The list goes on. So the biggest foul you could commit is by using audio-only on a platform that was made for video. I did this when I started several years ago. It was one of the biggest mistakes I made.

    People won't interact with your content. They won't comment, like, or come back for your next installment. It's fairly obvious just by searching for podcast and look at the results between someone that does a video podcast, and someone that does audio only.

    Cherish Your Brand
    Now, let's shift to the second reason. Your content is your ticket to failure or success. You don't really get second chances in this era. Once people decide that they don't like you, your content, or whatever it is they decide...you are finished. Most people make that judgement very quickly as well, and the book Blink says it's in the first 2-seconds. They have you marked as someone that doesn't think about them. Your content can be amazing and perhaps you can overcome the potential negativity towards your brand, but it's rare. Your audio, presence, profiles, website, and anything else you produce is your brand. Cherishing that helps you focus on quality. No one intentionally sets out to produce terrible quality. No one wants to just be OK. This should be a huge deal to you as you look to grow from nothing to something fantastic.

    So, when you put an audio-only podcast up on YouTube, you are only doing half the job. That's a big deal, and in some cases, it's devastating. So think long and hard before just shooting from the hip and posting recklessly. If you have this nailed already, then share it to someone that is making this rookie mistake. Every bit helps, and strengthens the podcast niche.

    Have a listen to the AM Podcast Tips & Tricks segment on Soundcloud below:

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  1. QueenMother4real
    I'm actually enjoying listening to your shows. It is quite interesting to learn about podcasting from a different perspective and from someone else's experience. Thank you for sharing!
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    1. Adam
      Thanks a bunch for that compliment. I am always looking for better ways to reach an audience and create content. Also, welcome to AMPN!