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Using Audacity To Record Makes Cents

By Adam, Dec 30, 2013 | Updated: May 3, 2015 | |
  1. Adam
    07 Using Audacity to Record Makes Cents-02.png Using Audacity audio recording software makes sense for the majority of podcasters. It's an open-source software which is completely free, and that saves a nice little bundle on producing your show! With saving money up front on recording software you can put a little extra into your studio gear and sound even better! I have used Adobe Soundbooth in the past and I can tell you that I found using Audacity to record with very easy to learn and my audio sounds great.

    The other positive about using Audacity is that Youtube is full of training videos to learn it. Being able to not only get some training, but always get some visual examples makes learning the software even better. I watched some videos up front and have been off and running since!

    With a huge community like Audacity has it's always smart to start small and then graduate into better software that fits your needs better. I have been using Audacity for about 15 months now and I don't foresee using other software to edit our audio. It has tons of features and the interface is very simple to use. You could be up and running within minutes. At least you have options to start free and then expand your horizons.

    One thing I found really awesome about this software is that they have ported it for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I use Linux Mint 15 on one of my recording machines and being able to use this helped me tremendously. I would go as far to say that it provided better results from my Linux machine than my Windows 8 machine due to driver support. So for you Linux fans out there, this is a "no brainer". I listed a few support links below to help you quickly get started.

    Hopefully this will help you in getting started and flourishing your passion into a full blown hobby. Podcasting can be a lot of fun!

    Support Links

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    My name is Adam and I am the creator of the AM Podcast Network. This is a hobby, but it is starting to become a passion. It started with my own website and is morphing into a network so I can bring other podcasters on board and really expand our base out. You do things better as a group, and I plan on doing big things. If you are interested in joining, don't be shy and come on in!


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