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Paying For Podcasting Courses Or Coaches

By Adam, May 3, 2015 | |
  1. Adam
    04 Paying For Podcasting Courses or Coaches-02.png Do you need to get better, need some advice, or finish a podcasting course to say that you took one? Awesome! Let's talk about the reality of podcast coaches, courses, or even the mastermind groups. Some people really enjoy them and have vocally supported the existence of them. I completely get it and I know I will not change anyone's mind that truly wants to indulge in those services.

    If you can be persuaded that you don't need to waste the time or effort, not to mention the money, then this post is for you.

    In the early 2000's, podcasting was still new and not many people were into it. We're a long ways from then in internet years. In 2015, we are facing information overload in the podcasting world. We have countless (OK maybe I could count them all) communities and groups, websites, forums, podcasting podcasts, YouTube channels, eBooks, regular books, meetups, and so much more...for FREE! Courses, coaches, and mastermind groups that charge money are outdated and are wasteful. They rehash the same information that is already out there.

    There are social media groups that have members dying for a Skype chat, or a Google Hangout to ask questions and receive answers from respected podcasters. You don't have to open your wallet to ask which microphone is the best, or what studio headphones are the best bang for the buck anymore. You can YouTube studio setups and watch numerous virtual studio tours. All the guess work has been taken out of podcasting.

    Sure, this sucks for those that make money from people wanting to take their shows to the next level, but I am sure they are resilient and will get by just fine. After all, they are some of the very best sales people I have ever heard and read.

    I always hear about what a fantastic community podcasting is and I would like to believe that is true even though I know there is a segment that is there only for the profits and they won't go away until the money dries up. Knowing people the way I do, means there will still be plenty who will to pay the coaches' bills. It's OK, for the rest of us, we can just share information, support each other, and connect when we can. There are too many qualified people in this niche to overlook and reach out to. I personally have discussed many times through Hangouts, Skype, and the land line telephone with fellow podcasters and riffed back and forth about ideas and content.

    My goal is to convince people that we can use our money wiser and learn faster with our internet pipes. The tips you need are grazing in the open 1's and 0's almost every you look. Even if it's not here at the AM Podcast Network, I can hope it's somewhere that doesn't cost you $999 for 6 weeks.

    5 Things You Can Use the Money for Instead:

    1. Attend Public Speak 101 at a community college.
    2. Buy ice cream. It always makes me feel better.
    3. Upgrade your microphone.
    4. Buy a DAC or monitor speaks for your PC.
    5. Save it for a rainy day.
    NOTE: For those that provide services and don't like that I wrote/talked about this, I plan on doing it more and more.

    Listen to the segment from Soundcloud below:

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