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How To Get Seen As A Podcaster

By Adam, May 24, 2014 | Updated: May 3, 2015 | |
  1. Adam
    06 How to Get Seen as a Podcaster-02.png The first thing to do when you want to get seen as a podcaster is to stop being a podcaster. Ridiculous, I know. The problem is too many people think that podcasting is easy or that they just need to record a show and submit it to iTunes and then BAM!, the next John Dumas. That doesn't happen pretty much ever and why should it? That's just lazy. Could you imagine if the TV networks never built websites or did nothing but have their 1 channel and never advertised anything else or even anywhere else? That is pretty much what most podcasters people content creators are doing these days. You are better than that and that is exactly what we need to talk about.

    Do you have a website? If the answer is yes, then I thank you for being proactive and understanding that it's basically required. It's your business card if you will. If you dare say,"Adam, my calling card is my facebook page", then stop and get a cup of coffee because we need to talk. Your website defines everything about you or your show. It's home. Nothing gets done or should be done until you have your own website that is NOT controlled by a 3rd party. I mean you need to go and spend $10 on a domain name and hosting. It's that serious. I honestly don't care what microphone you have or what mixer you have been checking out until you give me a link to your website.

    Once you have that wonderful website started you can begin thinking about content, or at least show notes/ideas that you are going to create. Go ahead and throw together a few pages too while your at it and tell us who you are. We need you to connect on a human level so it's personal, or at least so I can think about checking some of your stuff out.

    Let's Get Social
    Social is like part 5 in the scheme of things. There are a lot of choices from a facebook page, a twitter account, or even a Google Plus page/profile. To me the most important thing you can do is pick 2-3 networks that you can spend time on. Don't do more because you will be overcommitting yourself. Once you know which platforms will do your brand justice then make them look good. Post your logo and content there. WAIT! Not the same content for all of them. NOOOOO! All you content will be different and unique. You have to promise me, and I mean seriously promise me that you will do everything you can to not reuse content. Each social platform speaks it's own language. If I "liked" your facebook page and then go and see your twitter profile and find it's an exact copy of the fb page, why would I subscribe to you there? I wouldn't because I don't read the same newspaper twice each day.

    You are allowed to be social, but only if you do it right. Don't just drop a link and walk away either. That is lazy marketing and people will see right through it. You better put some effort into it. If I read the same post in the facebook podcast group to only discover that you copied and pasted it to the Reddit podcast group then I am going to ignore you. You don't deserve my time because you just showed my your time is more valuable than mine. Stop and produce quality. Do you see why I didn't say create every social media presence that you can? You won't possibly have enough time in the day to properly do them all justice.

    Let's take a break and you can look at this nice graphic I made for you. Look at it and think about it. I want you to jumpstart your creativity and put a plan together after seeing this.

    02 more-listeners-01.png

    Ok are you ready to read again? Good, and thank you for sticking with me for a bit longer. Let's do this!

    Entertain Me Please
    I am a visual learning. I am also impatient, and hard to please. I am your listenership. I want to read, listen, and see and I need it all right now! So what does that have to do with you? Your podcast show is a side project that you do on a scheduled basis. You are a content creator which means you have to create lots of content in different mediums. I know you aren't good at writing, and yes I know video isn't your thing. You just want to show of the goods with that microphone, and I get that. If that's all you have to offer, then I don't know how much I can help you, but I promise not to give up on you.

    If you can't write then hire someone to write for you. Go to eLance.com and put an ad out for a blogger. Can't do video? Fine, it's not required but it would be really cool if you at least did some Google Hangouts once in a while or something. You have options and it's up to you to pull them together. If you are nothing more than a voice it's going to be difficult for you to ever grow into something bigger even if you don't want to be the next Joe Rogan. You need to organize the types of content you produce and put out there. Here is a list to help brainstorm:

    • Articles (how-to's, updates, cool info...etc)
    • Photos (in the studio, graphics...etc)
    • Video (Youtube, Hangouts, Screencasts...etc)
    • Slideshows (Slideshare.com)
    • Downloads (Checklists, pamphlets, and more)
    • Events (Book signings, conferences, podcons...etc) (Don't steal my podcon!)
    • and anything else that might be fun for your readers, listeners, and watchers.
    Wow, this is soapbox'ish at best, and long and winded to boot. Listen to me talk about this and give your eyes a small break.

    Ok so that was me talking. I figured I would mix it up a bit to get your senses going. Heck, you might read another article after this one just because I did, or I might be even more surprised that you took the time to register and become part of the community.

    You have to offer people something they want. Yes, I accept that you might get far from having an awesome podcast, but I also doubt that as well. I want you to rock and own your content. I want people to get entertainment overload when the visit your site. Once they are at your website they can click the links to your Youtube channel or iTunes. They can see you wherever you are out there. It's got to start with establishing yourself first though. I won't accept anything less. I wrote this to help you and I want you to tell me that it did. If it didn't then tell me where I failed you and I will improve it.

    Here is the list to do:
    1. Brand name/show name
    2. Logo/banners/cover art
    3. Domain name/web hosting
    4. Install wordpress/powerpress
    5. Write content
    6. Record 10 shows to start
    7. Shoot 5 videos for Youtube
    8. Build 2 social media accounts and make them nice
    9. Tell someone about it, it can be me :)
    10. Then be patient, rinse and repeat.
    11. It takes time...
    Download the printable checklist here.

    Did I get you thinking? I sure hope so. I want you on my team, brainstorming and becoming better. I don't want anything in return except maybe a thank you. I love seeing people succeed. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing someone make something out of nothing.

    5 Things You Didn't Know About Me
    1. When I midnight snack, it's usually a crunchy peanut butter and strawberry preservative sandwich or popcorn.
    2. I geek out over simple stuff like computer RAM, even if people are looking.
    3. I use to play basketball even though I only reached 5'4", and I wasn't that bad.
    4. I professionally write in my spare time and read business biographies for fun.
    5. I worked at my mom's hotdog stand for a few years as a teenager and built customer service skills the hard way.

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