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Finding The Right Podcast Host

By Adam, May 10, 2014 | Updated: May 4, 2015 | |
  1. Adam
    04 Finding the Right Podcast Host-02.png Are you wanting to find a place to host your podcast shows? Everyone these days are and it's a question that has become an epidemic on podcasting communities. Everyone is pitching for their preferred provider as well. Well, I want to talk about what you should be looking for in a host and give you my personal recommendation. Some people just want to do 1 show per month or perhaps as little as 5 shows per season. While others want to crank out a show daily. There is no one size fits all, but finding quality hosting for your media is important. Let me help you.

    Let me start by stating there are some of the more prominent media hosts out there. You have probably heard all their biggest fans talk about Libsyn, Blubrry, Soundcloud, Podbean, and even self-hosted solutions on your very own Wordpress website. They all work. So it really comes down to how much do you want to spend, and for what features. Full disclosure: I use Soundcloud, and you will understand why once you read more. My goal is not to convert you. I am not an affiliate of any podcast hosting site and make $0 on you going with whatever you choose.

    Self-hosted Wordpress: This method gives you a ton of control over everything. However, if you become popular with thousands of downloads per month you are going to stress your hosting server out. Some hosting companies don't work well for large media files either because they call for a complete download before the file plays, but some are really good for this. You have to research and ask your host if there will be any issues with hosting podcasts. You have everything you can control from the theme, plugins, content, and even the player for your site. Powerpress is my recommended plugin to use for self-hosted Wordpress solutions. I personally host with Wiredtree. Again, no affiliate, it's just who I use and I have been with them since April, 2008.

    Libsyn: This is the one that gets pitched in all the communities. I have never used them because you get very little storage for your buck. I see no reason to even try them as I can get the same features from Blubrry or Soundcloud. They give you an app, and ways to share your podcast. You get the staple RSS feed that you use to submit to iTunes. They really market hard to podcasters so I assume that is why there is a large footprint of hosted media there. They claim to host 10,000 shows with 1.6 billion downloads. It certainly might be worth the look, and I can absolutely say that many reviews have been wonderful if not raving.

    Blubrry: Blubrry makes the plugin for Wordpress called Powerpress and it's an awesome freebie. I like Blubrry because of the Powerpress plugin and they don't heavily promote in each community. Their plugin integrates right with their hosting plan so that is a pretty cool feature. I have never used them because I feel like the price is a bit high. These days storage should not be expensive. I have heard nothing but good things about Blubrry as well so I have no issues saying to someone looking at their options to go over and check out their offerings.

    Soundcloud: I use Soundcloud. They have everything the others offer to include an RSS feed. We feed our show right to iTunes. I have unlimited uploads and plays, and everything you want for $135 per year. It's a full on social media website with 50 million members. You get seen, heard, and their API is awesome. I embed our podcasts everywhere. It's super easy to promote there and I couldn't recommend it enough. Uploading shows is ridiculously easy and it's fantastic to compile a playlist and spread it around. You can meet other podcasters on there too.

    06 host-comparison-01.png

    AM Podcast Network Hosting Solution
    No we do not host, rather, I want to explain how we host our media. Our main media host is Soundcloud. We embed each show and audio piece we do from Soundcloud to our platforms like this website or social media. We also host directly on our server. We do this to allow Powerpress to create an RSS feed for each show we do. The Soundcloud RSS feed is an aggregate for our network that we submit to iTunes. So we double dip and it works. Whether or not that will continue to be our workflow remains to be seen but it's a good way to be redundant in case something happens to one source. This solution costs us our monthly server costs with Wiredtree, Yearly subscription to Soundcloud ($135), and that's it. Everything else is web development costs. This may or may not suit your needs, but it's perfect for us.

    Wrapping It Up
    I didn't cover all the features. I am guilty of being biased as well. However, I am a firm believer about getting the biggest bang for my buck. Soundcloud is the newer player and before it was not competitive and didn't really support podcasts. It does now and I HIGHLY recommend using it. Ditch your expensive monthly plans and get surrounded by other podcasters that jumped on. It's the place to be! You are welcome to do your own research and if you decide Soundcloud is not your choice of media hosting then so be it. Comment below and tell me why I am right or wrong. I want to make sure I give the best advice I can. Good luck with your podcast!

    About Author

    My name is Adam and I am the creator of the AM Podcast Network. This is a hobby, but it is starting to become a passion. It started with my own website and is morphing into a network so I can bring other podcasters on board and really expand our base out. You do things better as a group, and I plan on doing big things. If you are interested in joining, don't be shy and come on in!


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