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Deciding On Your Podcast Topic Or Niche

By Adam, Dec 29, 2013 | Updated: Apr 20, 2015 | |
  1. Adam
    01 Deciding on Your Podcast Topic or Niche-02.png Podcasting is hot these days. I mean everyone wants to buy a microphone, download Audacity and get a show on iTunes like, yesterday. I am seeing this in the communities I belong to and just looking on what is out there on the interwebs. If you can't see why, it's because this stuff is a LOT of fun! I have been podcasting for almost a year and I can tell you that I have a blast doing it. I guess it's almost like an addiction knowing that someone is listening to me. If you are new at podcasting you probably already see the excitement factor. You are checking your stats, and seeing if someone left you comments or just hoping someone will listen.

    What if they aren't reaching you? What if you are about to start podcasting and aren't really sure on what to do it about? You know a lot about diets, but would have a lot of fun talking about fashion, or animals.There is a ton of topics or niches that you could be in. There is also a lot of competition out there too. If you can't get your voice heard, you are wasting your time so it's important to figure out what is right for you. I just do what I do best. I choose to talk about nothing much. I suppose it's much like a Seinfeld show, minus the grandiose laughter.

    I have a gift of gab so I decided to use it to talk about whatever I want to for an hour. There are tons of others that do this too, so I have some serious competition. Now you need to ask yourself what you are good at. What subject do you know and can consistently speak about for an hour at a time on a regular schedule. Think hard, because this is a long term thing, not 3 podcasts and you are out.

    These are steps that I would use to figure the topic or niche:

    • What do I know already?
    • What is my experience in?
    • What do people ask me for advice about regularly?
    • What would be lots of fun to teach or talk about?
    • Does my topic have longevity?
    • What opportunities does my topic give me? (Video? Graphics? Blog?)
    • What is my competition?
    • Is this a hobby or income generating?
    • What's my investment on this topic?
    Those are enough to think about. I could probably listen a LOT more, but start here and see what you think about. Maybe you need to sit down and draft a page on your thoughts then bounce them against friends and family. Whatever you decide, you have time and your audience will be there. Hopefully this helps and if you have comments or questions just leave them below. Also here is a video I shot for this topic.

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