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Choosing A Podcasting Microphone That Really Works

By Adam, Feb 8, 2015 | Updated: May 3, 2015 | |
  1. Adam
    05 Choosing A Podcasting Microphone That Really Works-02.png Some people will tell you that you need a $1,000 microphone, or that a USB mic is perfect, or even a $20 mic is a solid choice. Well this post is about field recorders and how they can change your workflow and sound completely. I have been using studio condenser microphones for a few years now. I started in 2010 and I now have 8 large diaphragm mics. They are incredible and I wouldn't change a thing about them. I have recorded almost every episode here on the AM Podcast Network with them in one combination or another.

    I have heard of others cranking out audio content on field recorders, and they always sounded decent. It was never enough for me to jump on board since I had a full studio already. So I continued to ignore this type of microphone until recently.

    I don't really like to sit still as I have a lot of energy and when my brain is rolling, it's a non-stop party of electrical charges. For me, it translates into pacing or walking and talking. I do the same thing on the phone too. I probably walk a mile in my house during a 15-minute phone call. Does this sound like you? For me it's ADHD and it's like a superpower.

    So a few months ago I realized I was struggling to stay stationary to record a podcast episode while sitting at my desk. This was a major problem, and you may have noticed the absence of content here on the site. This led me to look for an alternative. I researched the Zooms and Tascams to see if there was something that fit what I needed. Ultimately, I settled on the H2n and ordered it from Amazon. I picked up the accessory pack as well. Total I spent $199.99 and got free shipping.

    It sat in a box for about a month before I finally prepared it for some recording. I bought this model because I had a group of friends and wanted to place it in the middle of the table to record us all instead of mic'ing each person. The first time I used it, the sound was great. The problem was that the three of us were boring. So it never got published. Moving forward from that though, I continued doing solo recording and the sound quality has been amazing. You can here it in the audio below.

    If you are asking yourself which microphone to get, my recommendation is the first purchase should be a field recorder. I wish I had known about how great these are before I bought all my studio stuff. At least I can share this experience with you and hopefully help you make a decision to improve your audio as well. Let me know your thoughts on these. I watched hours of YouTube videos to finally settle on the H2n, but I would have gotten the higher models if it wasn't for the unique surround recording of this model.

    Leave your thoughts in the comments or give me your questions instead.

    Listen to the snippet from Soundcloud below:

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