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Are Podcasters Brands?

By Adam, Jan 3, 2014 | Updated: May 3, 2015 | |
  1. Adam
    10 Are Podcasters Brands-02.png Something came up while discussing whether or not podcasters need a logo for their shows with a fellow designer. The answer is overwhelmingly no, as long as they don’t consider themselves a brand and see it as a hobby only. I agree that 95% of all podcasters in the world (I am guessing that number) don’t need brand recognition through a logo, hell, to be honest they probably don’t even need cover art for their podcast. They of course get cover art because they need it to be seen. Which makes me ask the question that if they feel like they need cover art, why would they think they don’t need additional branding? I believe the answer to that is they don’t consider themselves a brand or are on a shoestring budget. Both answers are acceptable, this is not a right or wrong conversation.

    If you haven't been paying attention, podcasting is red hot. You have more competition than ever. While I have read and heard people say just put the content out there and don't worry about the rest, I think that is disappearing. As more people throw their hat in the ring, less opportunity knocks for others.

    Most podcasters are hobbyist from what I have seen, minus the really famous guys podcasting in the top of iTunes like Joe Rogan, Everyday Runners with Matt Johnson, and more. Go look in iTunes, and you will see there are 3 types of people: The famous podcasters that have a logo as part of their branding, the famous people that branded their name so well that they don’t need a logo or their name is the logo, and the not famous people who don’t fit either one of those categories. Personally, I fit in the 3rd category (mostly because I am not popular) and you probably do too whether or not you know it. It’s a frame of thought I suppose.

    Why do I feel like I know enough about this? I went to college for Visual Communications with a minor in Corporate Identity and Marketing. I have applied my skills to businesses around the U.S. and some on the global scale. I have done a lot of studying over the last decade watching brands, and individuals become successful and even fail. Some of my professors still mentor me to this day, and one thing that’s sticks out is if you are in the public eye (or ear in this case) you are a brand.

    I know, bring in the,”Seriously, you are an idiot, Adam.” Look at reality, President Barack Obama has a LOGO, a brand to manage, as well as the country. The dude was hired on pure marketing. Yes, I get it. You may have 13 subscribers on iTunes, 4 on G+, and 64 on FB. By thinking you are not a brand, you are doing yourself a disservice. You are losing by not treating yourself as a brand. As of this writing I barely have over 40 combined followers on all my social networks for this Network. That doesn’t mean I am not a brand. I am the total package waiting to be found. (Tongue in cheek of course, for those that haven’t heard my sarcasm before)

    Podcasters are automatically a brand, just by the nature of being out there for public consumption. This does not mean you need (a):

    • Logo
    • Brochures
    • Tattoos
    • T-Shirts (except to cover you)
    • or anything else…
    You may want to start thinking about it that way though. I prepare for the worst because it’s easier. I learned marketing and the behaviors of what good marketing prowess can bring. When you are developing your show, and talking to your audience you have to remember they are listening to you for a reason. You may bring solid advice, informed reasoning, or because you are viewed as someone with value/entertainment. I am writing this because I want you to think about the bigger picture. You are putting yourself out there. You should act like it.

    If you are reading this and think I couldn’t be further away from being serious, I get it. You probably aren’t there yet and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You could be part of the 95% I mentioned earlier. For those that ask about revenue, getting big interviews, doing bigger things than releasing an episode once a week on iTunes, you might want to consider having the following:

    • A website
    • Banners promoting you in different sizes (you will eventually need them)
    • A logo
    • Great cover art
    • A catchy name for your show like “Your Name Show”
    • A catchy tagline
    • Colors (I use green and yellow)
    • and other branding ideas, they also serve for marketing
    Look, this is not for everyone. It’s for the people who are already thinking bigger and long term. I am certainly not the subject matter expert, but I do amazingly know an awful lot. Go get smart and read. Ask others, and compare my thoughts. I want you to be successful, balanced, and do great things. If you have questions please leave below of use the contact form to send me them privately.

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