No. If your only reason to join the community is to self-promote (excludes using the directory), your account will be limited and posts be removed. This type of participation is SPAM. Your participation should be well rounded and not just solely to your benefit. There is a lot of investment into the community and it’s an insult to be SPAM’d for my efforts.

No. I am not going to force show hosts to mention the AM Podcast Network in their shows. I do request that shows find ways to promote the network, but I do have strict guidelines in this area. I suppose if a show didn’t promote the network, I would be more likely to promote other shows on the network and spend significantly less promoting one that chose not to. I would think this would go without saying, but I was asked so I am writing this.

Maybe. If your artwork is seriously good then I am less inclined to change it. This applies to like .05635% of all shows. More than likely I am going to change it so it looks very professional. This is one of things I monetarily invest in when I take on a show.

No. I have no desire to be your show’s producer. The content will never be changed, but the branding and the marketing will. This part is written in our Join the Network page.

Responses are usually handled within 72 hours unless circumstances limit my review and contact time. The majority of responses happen within hours, however, I can’t promise it will be lightening quick. All submissions receive a response even if the show is not selected. Please don’t take a “pass” on your show personal. A lot goes into making a decision and it’s never because it’s personal.

A quality show has many factors and indicators that all play a part if a show will be selected to join the network. Some of the considerations are charisma, chemistry between hosts, longevity, episode length, category, potential audience, audio quality, editing needed, flexibility for changes, social presence, time committed, and much, much more. I take a sample of multiple episodes, a look at social engagement, and a voice-to-voice interview in any decision. Personal opinion has no place in selection and an unbiased review is always utilized.

No. The AMPN is anti-advertising. If the #1 goal for your show is to have sponsorships then please rethink applying to join. Advertising brings unwanted commitments such as creative control, reduced user experience, and reading ads on podcasts are ineffective. Most people are on the go when listening and call to actions are often ignored.

We will not provide advertising or sponsorship opportunities. There are better ways to make money, but again if money is your primary reason to podcast, you are doing it wrong.

None at the moment. I am not considering ads or sponsorship at this time. The #1 concern is user experience and running the network free of adspace. In the future there might be a very small opportunity, but I will not set any expectations at this point.

Podcasts may accept sponsorship, however, AMPN does not endorse any products mentioned in episodes and we reserve the right to not list episodes that contain sponsorships that diminish the network in anyway.

The community is for anyone that produces a podcast, listeners who love podcast shows, and anyone else in between. There is a lot of opportunity for many people seeking a non-social media platform to discuss and share podcast information.

Yes you can. That’s the most powerful feature of having an entry. You can add pictures, reply to comments, or change your RSS feed. You have full control over it. Additionally, if you have any issues you can just reach out to us and we will assist in getting setup correctly.

Our directory is a bit different than others where you just drop off your RSS feed and move along. Our directory is interactive. You get full control over your listing and can add images, links to your social profiles, even your iTunes subscribe link. People can rate, review, and comment on your listing as well. You have an opportunity for exposure that no other directory beyond iTunes will give you and your show. This directory is powerful if you use it correctly.

We have 5 major sections to the website, and certainly many smaller features that you will notice if you take a few minutes to cruise around. The 5 main sections are:

  • AMPN hosted shows (the main part of the site you are currently on)
  • Community: The forums and members that you can talk with.
  • Directory: You can add a podcast show like a normal directory.
  • Articles: Full featured posts that we write like a blog.
  • Media: You can submit episodes and create playlists here.

You can read the entire explanation in our About section. In short though, it’s a full feature podcast network and community where podcasters and listeners can exchange information. It’s not just a place where you put your show on and leave. You can reap many benefits by participating on the AMPN platform.

Yes. You have to register so you can edit your listing in the future. If you do not want to register you will be unable to use any of the features in the community.

You are welcome to promote your show in the correct forums inside the community. While our AMPN shows have more exposure and benefits, we welcome all podcasters to participate in our community. We have setup areas that you can post events, promotions, and much more.

You are allowed to advertise or take sponsorships on your episodes. We do not currently ask for any percentage of that. We do not use advertisements on our website or social accounts.

You can listen to any show, and any episode here on the site or on Soundcloud. Soundcloud always gets the first release of any episode and following us there is the fastest way.