Adam’s Digital World is a solo podcast that discussing 1-2 topics per episode about productivity, design, technology, hardware, software, and much more. Adam is a well-rounded, electronic-minded, individual with over 20 years of experience in informational technology and digital design. Each episode is normally a 30-minute segment that discusses a topic you can use to build upon your skills or workflow. This podcast is not really a series of topics that blend together. Each episode is recorded using content that can stand on it’s own. Find the topic you want to hear and that you have an interest in and enjoy!

Adam’s Digital World, Ep10: The Future of Blogging

So many things can change within the landscape of blogging between now and say, 50 years from now. If fiber was a reality in homes without a data cap, writing might be a thing of the past and bloggers might just use video only. That might be a reach since some of us actually enjoy [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep9: Branding Yourself First

Branding yourself first brings a whole new view to your online business or interests in general. If you think about what celebrities leverage when they create a new perfume or clothing line, it's their name. Their name carries weight and we often want to dive in and hope for the best when starting a new [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep8: SEO vs Social

So many of us website builders, marketers, content creators, and many more titles have learned that SEO isn't easy, and neither is mastering social. However, I hope we can all agree that social is easier if your website is content driven and you write really great stuff. If not, then you should be a very [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep7: Becoming a Freelancer

In episode number 6, I talked about hiring a freelancer and I felt it may benefit some people if I had turned the table for the followup episode...this one. Freelancing is a great way to supplement your income, change careers, or just do something with your free time. It offers flexible hours and you can create [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep6: Outsourcing and Hiring Freelancers

Episode 6 is a big one, but a little shorter than normal. Don't worry, only by a few minutes. I went a bit deeper in freelancing though to asist you in knowing more about how the whole thing works. Freelancing is a busy world and an exciting one as well. I have spent in the [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep5: The Move to 4K and Building a New Workstation

It's time to talk about the rollout of 4K and what it means for productivity. I firmly believe that we are about to see a huge change in the availability of UHD and great resolutions. Many of us are going to make significant purchases of 4K displays and televisions. Though it's February, we have a [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep4: Desktop Operating Systems

I have been playing with Windows 7 Ultimate, and Linux Mint 17 KDE as of late and I felt that it was right to lay down episode 4 and talk about the world at hand in operating systems. I go through 4 of them to include Windows, OSX, Linux, and ChromeOS. This isn't about convincing [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep3: Change is Hard

Adam's Digital World covers how to deal with change in this episode. This sit down can be applied to any change you might be thinking about undertaking. When you are initially thinking about getting your hands dirty and making major changes then you should be prepared to make sure your end users are in good [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep2: Forum Content & Social SEO

Another episode focused on better forum engagement and social SEO has made it. Adam discusses the importance of focusing on content and the right kind of content to be better online and get a lot more engagement. Many forum admins, moderators, and users don't understand that poor posts make for a bad experience for all, [...]

Adam’s Digital World, Ep1: Ecommerce Brainstorming

In this first episode, Adam discusses the important things to think about before you create your online store. Selling online can be a lot trickier than those infomercials and flashing banners would like you to believe. e-Commerce takes a lot of effort and if you can't commit then you will find it difficult to succeed. [...]