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How Do Writers and Bloggers Succeed At Time Management?

Time management for some is strict scheduling and not missing a beat. This is a set of skills that is far out of reach, and that includes for myself. As an avid writer, blogger, designer, husband, and father amongst other things, I have no strict scheduling. I am an expert at time management though. I [...]

How Do I Build a Freelancer Portfolio?

Some freelancers feel as though they have to use pieces and projects that they were hired for. That's not the case at all. A portfolio can be made up of projects that you decided to do on your spare time and between projects. You can also consider doing charity and local business projects free of [...]

What Does the Baltimore Riots Say About the United States?

The Baltimore riots really brought more people to the table to have a conversation about our own communities and those we hire to serve and protect. One side of America blamed the poor, and the Black community, while the other blamed police and the rich. We thought we had this conversation with Ferguson and other [...]

What Content Do I Write for an App Company?

Writing for any type of company can be a challenge. A typical app company just wants to write about itself and it's product. While that can be tempting, maybe people tend to stop listening after you have spent most of the party talking about yourself. The content you tackle should be engaging and helpful. Perhaps [...]

After Launching My Podcast, What Is Next?

You have recorded the audio, edited it the way you want it to sound and added it to iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. What in the world is next? This is common in podcasting. We get all excited just to make the episodes and tell all our friends about it, but we honestly haven't got a [...]

Is It Important for Individuals to Have a Social Media Presence?

We have gotten very deep into social media over the last 10 years. Every new app brings a whole new layer to how connected we have become. Some people are considering walking away completely because social media has become overwhelming. Do we need to check-in every hour? Maybe you just don't have anything to say. [...]

How Can I Convince Someone That Marijuana is Bad?

We have gone through some harsh times in the world over cannabis over the last 70 years. So many people have died, been imprisoned, or lost much of their life to the prohibition of cannabis. Through this time many people continued to be poorly educated about the plant or even worse, paid to be ignorant [...]

What is the Best Platform for Podcasting?

This is question was really great because it went beyond the normal "where should my audio live" type of question. They continued to go further by also including that they would like to have a store, walled-off content, and different kinds of content. Naturally, this was an interesting scenario. The best platform for podcasting is [...]