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The Vince Wylde Show is hosted by Vince and Ben weekly and takes a look at news stories the media probably missed and occasionally takes on an issue in American Culture and usually with a comedic twist. Vince has 19 years in terrestrial broadcasting and is a Digital Broadcast Producer. Ben is an Author and full time Seamstress.

Vince Wylde’s Ministry of Metal, 9/26/16: Q5, Kissin’ Dynamite, Evergrey

3 Bands This Episode complete with interviews. First, Jeffery McCormack from Q5. Q5: Q5 got started in 1983. It functioned as a kind of 'supergroup' of sorts by mixing together members of two popular Seattle bands of the time Frontman Jonathan K and guitarist Floyd D. Rose from "C.O.R.E." (or "The C.O.R.E.") joined up with [...]

The Vince Wylde Show, 071116: The Great Pokemon/Clinton Conspiracy

We're back again. The last few months has been drama riddled. I mean, between computer problems, personal life events that derailed everything, and technical problems, we've been absent way too many times. We actually tried to do a show a week ago, but Skype kept crashing and we couldn't connect to our guest over in [...]

Vince Wylde’s Ministry of Metal, 062416: Jaded Heart & Jorn Lande

Today's 1st Guest is Jaded Heart BAND Johan Fahlberg - Vocals Peter Östros - Guitars Masahiro Eto - Guitars Michael Müller - Bass Bodo Stricker - Drums BIOGRAPHY JADED HEART has become a top-class German hard rock institution since the band came into existence 23 years ago! They turned into a German/Swedish formation when they [...]

The Vince Wylde Show, 062016: Orlando

Well, we're back with a new edition of the show. And there's a lot of ground to cover. Adam Richman is back in July! The re-branded continuation of “Man Finds Food” returns to Travel Channel. It's now called “Secret Eats with Adam Richman”. This was a great show in Season 1. Adam broke a few [...]

The Vince Wylde Show, 052916: Margarine And Bleeding Veggie Burgers

Well, after yet another break we didn't mean to take, we're back with a new show. And to start it off right, we talk about something everyone needs to know about: Squat Toilets. Evidently, toilets aren't universally designed. Like, there isn't a cookie-cutter design that all others are built on. Nope, in Asian countries they [...]

The Vince Wylde Show, 051816: Q the Gamechanger With A Side of Fondue

This week comes with changes. Like, one of us moved 20 miles to the Northeast and it wasn't me. In any event, the show has some cool discussion and here's the break down. After touching lightly on Ben's move to Maine, the conversation turns to trucking. Now, I realize that not everyone appreciates driving a [...]

Vince Wylde’s Ministry of Metal, 050416: Flosam and Jetsam

Show number 1! On the debut show we feature some kick ass bands and conduct our first interview with Michael Spencer from Flotsam and Jetsam. Here are the bands and their bios from today's show. The Defiants -Available Now – From Frontiers Records: THE DEFIANTS is a new band put together by Paul Laine, Bruno [...]

The Vince Wylde Show, 043016: Ted Cruz Live In Indiana

Today's show is pretty special because twice in one week, Ted Cruz was near me. Once by my place of employment, and once in my home town. It's a last stand to try to keep Trump from being the Republican nominee. Both times I was on site and had my mobile gear with me. I [...]

The Vince Wylde Show, 042316: Music Is An Art, Not A Business

Today's show is minus one host, Ben is trapped somewhere between Vermont and Tennessee, so I had to kind of do this one myself. Part 1: Podcasting is not a future path to radio stardom, you're not going to be Howard Stern. People with this goal would be better suited to swill lite beer and [...]