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I'm Luke from True Sounds From Underground and you can always hear a new episode every Thursday at 6PM EST. Enjoy the show and leave feedback so I know what to keep delivering!

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 23: My YouTube Boys, Tristan, and Rob

This week my friends from the T.S.F.U. Youtube channel hop on the show to talk. We have lots of blarney, from how we met, to some of our favorite quotes from each other in videos, to our stances on music piracy. Rob mostly just laughs, and doesn’t give much to the conversations, but damnit! He’s [...]

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 22: Bands Need Our Support

Welcome back to another legit episode of T.S.F.U. We hope you enjoy this one and the many more to come. We talk about The Eagles of Death Metal’s new HBO Special about the Paris attack at the La Bataclan, which follows the band’s view of things, as well as some of their history. Then we [...]

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 21: I’m Back, and Still Angry

Hey and welcome back to the show. Sorry we have been away so long. I have a lot of shit going on in my life that we will talk about today, on a personal level. Don’t worry. I’m still fucking angry, just not so much this time around. This one is more of a “Hey [...]

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 20: Got You A Sexy Gift

So I’ve been talking about a great new surprise for you guys on my social medias the last week or two. It’s been a hell of a few weeks. We took 2 off for vacation and the rest of the time I have been working non stop on this show. So with out further shit [...]

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 19: Finding New Bands is My SHIT!

Oh boy, is it gonna be a fucking show tonight man. We touch up on a sad little subject in the first quarter, but then we swing back in pretty fucking hard with some new bands. Nice, France suffered another huge attack on their people last week. It was terrible seeing the news. I can’t [...]

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 18: Ozzy Goes Back to AA

Welcome as always, you smelly ass cracks of the underground. As always I am Luke. Tonight we talk about someone posting goddamn child porn in the facebook metal groups, which is fucking nasty, and makes me pissed just thinking about it. Then we talk about good ol Ozzy going back to AA in Stockholm. So [...]

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 16: Shawn Peck & Grey Water Collective

It’s Grey Water Collective night here. They released a new compilation album a week ago, and it is badass. In fact all the songs you hear on tonight's show, are from that comp. I’ll talk a bit about GWC and my friendship with the owner Shawn Peck. Grey Water Collective is a label owned by [...]

True Sounds From Underground, Ep 15: Orlando Tragedy/Sockweb Suicide

Shit has it been a rough weekend and week? There has been a shit ton happening. A lot of it has just been terrible. In fact, 2016 has been a terrible year for fans of music. We have lost so many. We talk about the TERRIBLE Orlando shooting that happened Sunday morning. Such a terrible [...]